US Customs Bonded Warehousing Services

You need to ship international goods to the US, but you aren’t planning to sell your products immediately, and you’re not ready to pay duty on the merchandise. In this situation, bonded storage may be the best option.

US customs bonded warehouses are facilities where imported merchandise can be stored for up to five years, duty-free. If the warehouse is operated by a private enterprise, as is the case with the warehouses managed by IT Express, the proprietor must post a customs bond with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. The proprietor is liable for the bonded cargo until it is exported, destroyed under CBP supervision, withdrawn for use on an international aircraft or vessel, or withdrawn for commercial use in the US after the duty is paid.

When you choose IT Express for your storage, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your goods are safe and secure until you decide to export or withdraw them. You can also rest easy knowing that we can handle all the steps necessary to get your merchandise from a foreign location to a US warehouse. As a full-service freight forwarding company, we can work out shipping logistics, communicate with ports of departure and entry, act as a liaison between your business and necessary government entities, and make sure your goods receive customs clearance.

What are the Benefits of Bonded Warehouses?

    Keeping imported goods in a bonded facility can help you better control your finances and make sound long-term business decisions. Because you don’t have to pay duty when your merchandise arrives in the US, there is less pressure to make immediate sales in order to recoup the duty cost. You can sit on your cargo until there is an increase in demand for your products, and then pay duty and withdraw the cargo from the warehouses. You can also actively search for a domestic buyer, and if you are unable to find one, you can export your merchandise without paying duty on it.

    While your merchandise is in storage, you are permitted to alter it (for example, you could clean or repackage your products). This allows you to better prepare your products for sale in the US before paying duty.

    Bonded Storage from IT Express

    IT Express’ on-site facility is set up to preserve the quality of your goods until you decide to withdraw them. All our warehouse staff are TSA-approved and receive regular safety training. We have an online warehouse system in place that provides you with real-time updates about what cargo is in our facility at any time. As a client, you’ll be able to access this information through a unique user login.

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    Our bonded warehousing services are the smart choice if you are importing goods to the US and do not yet have a buyer. Contact IT Express to learn more about our services and find out if we can accommodate your merchandise.

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