Solar Energy Transportation & Logistics

Shipping and transportation for the solar energy industry involves careful handling of equipment and sometimes the movement of oversized cargo. Careful planning around transportation for oversized freight is needed for large-scale projects such as the establishment of a utility-scale solar power plant. To minimize costs, all the different components must arrive on schedule, demanding communication and coordination between several parties to make sure everything comes together on time and within budget. Other types of logistics involved in the solar energy industry include supply chain management. Many solar companies use third party logistics partners to warehouse solar equipment such as steel tracker bases and solar panels. They also manage the individual shipments to consumers or businesses in a more cost-effective and efficient manner than the solar energy companies themselves.

Whether you need a reliable shipping company to help manage a large solar power plant project, or you are a solar energy company that needs a safe and reliable shipping partner to handle all of your warehousing and deliveries, IT Express has the knowledge, experience and resources to exceed your standards.

Benefits of Using IT Express for Solar Transportation
  • We handle permitting for oversize loads
  • A global shipping network
  • 24/7 tracking portal
  • We move equipment by truck, ship, plane, rail and multimodal transport
  • Turnkey solar energy transportation solutions
  • Experts in heavy lift and heavy haul transportation
  • Import and export documentation
  • Flexibility that meets market demands
  • Cost-effective solutions
About IT Express

IT Express is an international freight forwarding company, providing transportation solutions throughout North America and around the world. As members of global freight forwarder organizations such as Lognet and the WCA Family, we are able to provide our clients with competitive pricing and local expertise no matter where a shipment needs to go.

We ship cargo by land, air, sea and we offer multimodal transportation services. We always meet deadlines, and we are known for moving heavy or out-of-gauge cargo that other shipping companies can’t or won’t handle. We also provide import and export documentation services, warehousing, and customs brokerage services. Our clients appreciate our level of customer service and attention to detail. With at least a decade of experience per person, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to manage solar power transportation projects from start to finish.

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IT Express is ready to manage any logistical challenges your solar energy company faces. Contact IT Express by filling out our online contact form or calling us at (908) 290-0407 to learn more about our services and to get your quote for a particular shipment or solar project.

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Francis Albert

IT Express’ customer service was really outstanding and meeting our dock times was very important so I can’t say enough. Sincerely appreciative!

Jon Onitnelot

IT Express truly puts the customer first. They are always ahead of issues and their follow-up and communications with us has been exemplary. They made what used to be a horrific part of our work, something that is now almost effortless. We appreciate you!

Mike Pasilan

My company has been working with IT Express for over 3 years now and the service they provide is excellent! They go above and beyond the call of duty to ease your shipment hassles. Forever grateful.

Bart Nanoz

In my 16 years of service to industry, I would highly recommend this company as a reliable broker and shipping company to cover any logistics scenario that could arise with professionalism, attention to detail & accuracy.

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